The Story Is Simple

An inquisitive journey that is Beejah today, started with passion to preserve the values of herbs, spices and cooking contributing to daily wellness that is essential for the enjoyable journey called LIFE.

Certainly the experience as an alternative traditional and complementary medicine practitioner is the key spice in this science of cooking and formulation.

Treating an illness was no longer the quest instead looking back to the origins of lifestyles and incorporating it into daily life style was the vision. The uphill challenge is to encourage cooking in a simple, delicious, enjoyable and yet healthy way.

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Frequently Asked Question

for sprout nutri

Sprout-Nutri is specially formulated to give you a balanced meal that is high in fiber, folic acid, fatty acids and antioxidants. Most importantly, it supplies your body with its daily need of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy amidst your busy lifestyle. The high fibre content combats constipation.

Yes! It varies among individuals and it is quite common to feel as such depending on the quantity that is consumed.

Sprout-Nutri contains a high concentration of folic acid, beneficial for pregnancy. However, it is best to consult your doctor.

Yes! Sprout-Nutri can be used as a thickener for sauces, added to flour ingredients in baking or simply added into your cooking for that extra yummy flavor with loads of healthy goodness. Goes well with pancake batter and just about any batter.

Yes! You can. It tastes delicious as ice cream toppings, rice and vegetable sprinkles and added to salad dressings. It also lends a delicious nutty flavor to smoothies and fresh juices. Get creative! Use Sprout-Nutri any way you want.

Sprout-Nutri is a gluten free formulation. We suggest adding egg replacers to ensure the batter holds and creates firmer cookies or cakes. Please check our website for recipes.

Yes. You may add any tasters or flavourings suitable to your palate. However, please do bear in mind the calorie content will vary accordingly.

Since Sprout-Nutri is formulated from specially selected combination of sprouted lentils and beans, it is able to provide your body with its daily need of vitamins and minerals. However, consumption of vegetables is vital. So YES enjoy your vegetable together with Sprout-Nutri

Yes! You can. During the germination and sprouting process, heat and gasses are released, allowing your body to experience only the benefits of horse grams.

Yes! It may help. Sprout-Nutri can be green carbohydrate food. Sprout-Nutri’s high fiber content and horsegram helps quicken metabolism, keeping your tummy satisfied and your body energised.

Usually it will take up to 5 working days for you to receive the item. You can check the status of your order thru “Track My Order” using your order number.