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Cooking Classes

Cooking is an art with mindful science. I offer my time to teach the art of cooking and not recipe recitals. Cooking is another type of meditation if mastered. It relaxes the mind and frees the monkey thoughts.

Health doctor is in the very kitchen, you and I cook. Our kitchen determines if our food is medicine or poison. Mindful usage of Herbs, Spices and a twist of old remedies should never be an alternative medicine… as it part of us.

My meatless cooking will definitely give you a second thought of “YUCKY” food. Be daring in your kitchen as many bespoke recipes were once recipes by accident. Don’t worry too much and let me help to rock in your kitchen.

Don’t block the mind by the forbidden word “It takes too much of time”. You are about find out all the benefits. Enjoy…!!!

Don't Lose These Benefits

Explore the benefits of cooking. It’s never a waste of time … 


Good Food

Standing & moving exercise burns calories



A Hobby

Every meal is a choice

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