Frequently Asked Question

On your events

Simple call or email us with your brief requirements. Then we shall arrange for a meeting and let’s create a memorable mind blowing bespoke event.

On menu services for corporate

Simple call or email us with your brief requirements. Then we will forward a questionnaire to help us understand better. Off course we will arrange for a meeting and the rest are results.

For cooking classes

All ingredients will be provided for the cooking class

It will be conducted in various places according to theme or availability. Best way to find out is thru our website, facebook or just email to us.

We will happy to capture your cooking moments, unfortunately Extras are not allowed. Strictly 1 person per ticket.

Yes, Photography is allowed and also don’t forget to tag us for future rewards

We are very sorry to say NO. Videography is not permitted, however we will have the video files uploaded in our facebook

Yes. A generous portion will be given and packed. All packing materials and labels will be provided by us.

We will assess the participants carefully and whalla if you receive the invitation via email…Congratulations!!! Please read the terms and conditions in the email and reply accordingly. Happy cooking

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