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Science Of Sprouting

How sprouting unlocks nutritional value

Seed contains a high level of  PHYTIC ACID, which

  • Locks nutrients
  • Impairs absorption of IRON, ZINC, CALCIUM
  • Impairs absorption of lipids & proteins​

When seeds sprout, phytate is degraded and the phosphorus released for use by the young plant.

Vitamins produced during germination increased by 6 to 10 times compared to their levels in the non-germinated seeds

In germinated seeds, proteins, fats and starches are broken down and easily digested

Every Meal Is A Choice

When you choose sprouted food, you choose
It is rich in minerals, enzymes, vitamins and a host of nutrients that have been unlocked by the germinating process to keep you SUPERHEALTHY!!
Sprouts have the perfect highs and lows for a healthy, energetic lifestyle!

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