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Let's Jump On This bandwagon

“Strike a Chord with your diners"

with the silent member of your sales team….THE MENU


We can help to create a healthy corner on your menu for your Patrons, events or work hand in hand for special occasions

“Strike a Chord with your diners with the silent member of your sales team….THE MENU”. Whether you need a Meatless menu, Healthy menu or if you already have one and not serving your business as you expected or you want to be part of the healthy eating community, then why not let us have a look at it, formulate or just notch an uplift. We can promise you with fast and easy preparation. Most of all tasty dish with no cross contamination.

Create a compelling menu for your customers and surprise your business with a whopping increase of diners satisfying 2 worlds, Meat Lovers and Meatless Lovers.

Ready to use Products

Your kitchen helper (Culinary assistant)

“Let's rock your kitchen"
and together we color your cooking skills....


We formulate and produce easy to use bespoke recipe, techniques and the art of tea mixology.

How about we give you a helping hand in your kitchen. Our ready to use products helps to tackle your kitchen imagination and bingo you will have healthy and delicious dishes in just minutes.

Remember you are still cooking and you will surely rock at it.

Beejah Vegan Kimchi

Use it freely if you really don’t have time to cook at all. Traditional Kimchi has fish sauce and shrimp paste. Remember our products are animal free, egg free and you should see why you should fall in love with us.

Beejah Rocking Vegan Sambal

Simply said; a special concoction of chillies and spices with no cross contamination of any animal by product gives you a spectrum of dishes with minutes. Remember we don’t use preservatives.

On Events

Soul Touching Moments

“Let's have a healthy event
and together we can do much more....


Host an event on cooking, bespoke recipe, herbs, tea, and with a unique theme leaving an memorable note of your brand to your patrons.

The 8 seconds of your audiences attention is the power for you to communicate and create an impact. We, humans have a strong bonding with food, herbs, spices, plants, fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, roots, flowers and together let’s get connected.

An Event with these elements stay very close to the heart and connects the soul. Your events will be fun filled with involvement based. These Bespoke events doesn’t end at your event rather probably growing in your audiences home or cooking in their kitchen.

Let us create this special corner in your events; it can be a cooking session, herb distribution with proper guidance, a themed based culinary with gifts relating very much to your message.

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